The Mimos pillow was developed in Spain by Electronic Engineer, David Verde and his wife Yin Chen, a Molecular Biologist. It is a Class 1 Medical Device and its aim is to lower the current value of 47% of babies that develop some form of positional cranial deformities.

The Mimos pillow both prevents and corrects positional skull deformities and we recommend all babies use one from the newborn stage to help avoid flat spots altogether.

In order to keep the Mimos pillow as effective as possible, we ensure that we work together with pediatric osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors as we have found that the Mimos Pillow often needs to be paired with such treatments to help treat underlying issues, for example torticollis. 

Our pillow is highly recommended by Pediatricians, Neurosurgeons and many other healthcare professionals and is currently available in 25 countries around the world

What is Plagiocephaly?

Plagiocephaly is a condition characterized by an asymmetrical distortion (flattening of one side) of the skull. It is also referred to as “Flat Head Syndrome”. Plagiocephaly is the term that is used to describe a diagonal asymmetry across the head shape. This term particularly describes a flattening to one side at the back of the head; this often causes some facial asymmetry. In the moderate to severe cases, there may be: Variations in the eyes alignment, one eye appears larger than the other. Ear displacement: The ear on the affected side may be pushed further forwards the front of the head compared to the other side. One cheek appears fuller than the other. The forehead on the affected side becomes more prominent. Plagiocephaly is the most common form of this syndrome among young babies. There are different types of flat head syndrome as shown in the pictures here.






As a newborn, a baby will usually spend most of the time back-sleeping producing a constant pressure on the back of his/her head, the Mimos pillow is specially engineered to distributing pressure evenly and allows 400% pressure reduction on the baby’s soft head. As long as the head rests within the pillow cavity, this allows gentle head support to encourage a baby’s natural neck movements. The Mimos pillow is composed of a tridimensional polyester structure that allows the air to flow through with no risk of suffocation for the baby.

  • Medical Class 1 Approved Baby Pillow. CE Certification
  • Anti-Pressure Baby Pillow. Provides 400% less pressure, protecting baby’s soft head from flattening on the back or side of the head.
  • The Mimos Pillow is a tridimensional pillow recommended by Doctors, Neurosurgeons and Physiotherapists in Europe and around the world to reduce the pressure under the head
  • Soft and Comfortable. The Mimos pillow is made of 100% soft and flexible 3D spacer fabric.
  • Dry and Cooling. The Mimos Pillow provides a dry sleeping environment without the accumulation of moisture and heat.
  • Anti-Allergen with Optimum Hygiene. The Mimos Pillow is anti-allergic, antistatic, devoid of 100 harmful substances and resistant to mites and fungi.
  • Oekotex 100 Class I Certified safe for direct baby skin contact. The Mimos Pillow is made of 100% Oekotex certified spacer fabric.
  • Easy Care. The pillow can be cleaned effortlessly and dries quickly.
  • Every Mimos Pillow comes with a free cover, which makes cleaning up easier. As the pillow and cover are both breathable. The Mimos Pillow can be used on its own or with the cover.
  • Compact Size. Easily portable for use during sleep, play time & stroller rides.
  • No Active Reposition Needed. The baby can freely sleep and move in the pillow without need to reposition the direction of the head.
  • The Mimos Pillow allows the head to grow normally and round out to its natural shape. It is very effective when used before 6 months of age. It is recommended to use the pillow for prevention from the very first day of life.
  • Hand- made in Spain with each pillow carefully being inspected before packaging.
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Do you want your very own Mimos Pillow?

Shop online and have your goods delivered straight to your door!


Do you want your very own Mimos Pillow?

Shop online and have your goods delivered straight to your door!